Marek SzufaThis year, on June 18 falls the second anniversary of Marek Szufa death - an outstanding polish pilot who during the air show in Plock dropped his machine to the Wisła river.



V Płock's Aviation Picnic supposed to be full of amazing activities . Filled to the edge picnic  program was also supplemented by an extraordinary show - stunts between pylons set on the Wis ła River. Air Snake was the idea of Marek Szufa , similar to the well known Red Bull Air Race.

Unfortunately , during the evolution pilot descended too low and with a vengeance hit the surface of the water. Marek Szufa could not be saved ...



Marek Szufa was 57 years old. He was one of the best polish pilot. Repeatedly he won the title of vice-Polish Aerobatic He had over 20 thousand. hours on airplanes and 1000 on gliders . Since 1979 he was a pilot in LOT ( polish airlines) , since 1990 , the captain of the Boeing 767 . He was also vice- world champion in aerial acrobatics and a member of the national team. He was passion for modeling, dealt with the models RC GIANT class F3M and F4G (a multiple champion Polish).


Marek Szufa built and piloted small aircraft replicas. He had a large fleet of Christen Eagle, Curtis Jenny, Yak-18, Spitfire MK VB, CSS-13, Extra 330 and Extra 300SX (Patty Wagstaf). His adventure with aviation lasted more than 30 years. He began as a 16-year-old boy in the Aero Club, and then he was climbing the career ladder - from small aviation until the B767. Anyone who knew him knows what he came alive during aerobatic flight .


In one of interview he said that in aerobatic plane everything happened so fast -" You have to check speed, hight and engine parameters almost at the same time. You have to know where you are and keep this zone."


Marek Szufa has a reputation as a pilot who does not make mistakes and avoids unnecessary recklessness . About his programme he always thought before his show. During the flight he just checked previously established program He was not afraid of acrobatics, once said that passengers might be afraid, but the pilot can not, because then it becomes an unnecessary ballast that will not do anything.