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After reviewing contingency plans and security protocols after an October fire at the Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC), the FAA is planning a series of changes that will lead to faster disaster recovery and more secure facilities and equipment. ...more


Unmanned aircraft are most often viewed as augmenting manned aircraft, perhaps eventually replacing some of them, but a more likely future lies in their becoming intimately essential to each other. Two new U.S. research notices give hints of such an outcome. ...more


The Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR) issued a Supplemental Type Certificate for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100), permitting the usage of Vertical Navigation (VNAV) functionality at all stages of flight. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 represents the first Russian built aircraft to achieve VNAV certification at all stages of flight. ...more


Lockheed Martin has crafted a reduced-cost plan to “optionally man” its U-2, throwing a new possibility into the mix as Congress weighs whether to shift to an all-Northrop Grumman Global Hawk unmanned aircraft fleet for high-altitude reconnaissance. With an optionally manned U-2, advocates for the so-called Dragon Lady say the venerable aircraft finally can match the endurance offered by the RQ-4B Global Hawk. Convincing lawmakers and the Pentagon likely will be an uphill battle, though. ...more


Flying far is more important than flying fast, Japanese fighter technologists have found in studies aimed at defining their country’s next combat aircraft. ...more


Eurocontrol and the European Defence Agency (EDA) have signed a joint work agreement in the domain of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) program for the coming two years. ...more


EC135 T2+ helicopter the “ideal training platform” for new Army, Navy pilots. ...more


Russian Helicopters has launched the final stage of certification testing for its Mi-38 multirole helicopter. ...more


Lima, November 13, 2014 – Peru’s Ministry of the Interior has now added the final EC145 helicopter to the modernized fleet of the National Police of Peru (PNP). ...more


PARIS - Europe’s Philae robotic probe touched down on the dusty surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on Nov. 12, marking a historic achievement in planetary exploration. ...more


The Bell Helicopter 505 Jet Ranger X completed its first flight with the Arrius 2R engine. Turbomeca, the manufacturer of the Arrius 2R engine, indicates FAA, EASA and Transport Canada engine type certifications for the Arrius 2R are on track for the end of 2015. ...more


The most recent Missile Defense Agency (MDA) trial last month for the Aegis ballistic missile defense system is moving the agency closer to proving that airborne infrared sensors can be used to cue a ballistic target intercept. ...more


The FAA has issued a final rule that broadens the coverage of its icing certification standards. The updated standards require U.S. manufacturers to show that transport airplanes can operate safely in freezing drizzle or freezing rain — conditions that constitute the icing environment known as Supercooled Large Drops (SLD). The standard also includes ice crystal weather conditions. ...more


Trimble’s latest enhancements to its Trimble Access Aerial Imaging 2.0 application promise to offer an enhanced user interface, more thorough flight planning and flexibility in-flight control for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) platforms. ...more


The ICAO Air Services Negotiation Event (ICAN2014) will provide States with a central meeting place to conduct multiple bilateral (regional or plurilateral) air services negotiations or consultations and offer participants excellent networking opportunities as well as a forum to exchange experiences and discuss topical issues. ...more