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        EASA announces new organisation

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) revealed on 1 September 2014 a new organisation which aims at preparing the Agency for the challenges of the coming years. ...more

        Google Reveals Project Wing, UAS Delivery System

Google’s facility dedicated to advancing technology, finally announced Project Wing, a project set on developing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) that can quickly transport and deliver goods across a city or into rural areas. ...more

         For sale: SAM Aircraft

LACHUTE, Quebec, Canada — Just a year and a half after the first flight of the prototype SAM aircraft, President Thierry Zibi has put the company up for sale. ...more

         Massachusetts-based F-15 crashes in Virginia

A Boeing F-15C assigned to the 104th Fighter Wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard crashed in the Virginia mountains around 09:00 Eastern Time on 27 August. ...more

         Qatar Airways Set to Launch Airbus A350 XWB

Qatar Airways, the launch customer of the Airbus A350 Xtra Wide Body (XWB) aircraft is set to receive its first delivery before the end of this year. The Middle East carrier has now unveiled the livery of its newest aircraft, from the Airbus factory lines in Toulouse, France....more

         Fuelling Aviation with Green Technology Seminar

This Seminar provides an opportunity to gain knowledge and share information on the latest and most innovative technologies for use in the reduction of aviation emissions. The event will address topics such as next generation aircraft, research programmes, airplane  recycling, green operations, eco-airports, clean energy for aviation, and financing. ...more

        American sees single operating certificate in Q2 2015

American Airlines chief operating officer Robert Isom anticipates receiving approval for a single operating certificate in the second quarter of 2015, as the carrier’s integration with US Airways continues to move forward....more

         BOC Aviation Orders $8.8 Billion in Boeing 737s, 777s

BOC Aviation placed an order valued at $8.8 billion for 50 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, 30 Next-Generation 737-800s and two 777-300ERs (Extended Range)....more

          Rolls-Royce Details Advance And UltraFan Test Plan

Rolls-Royce’s future turbofan strategy will leverage European, national and company research. Earlier this year Rolls-Royce took the unusual step of publicly laying out its strategic vision for developing a new series of large turbofans for the next decade and beyond. Now the company is beginning to detail the first steps it will take to turn this vision into reality. ...more

         ICAO Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security

Delegates to the historic ICAO High-level Conference on Aviation Security (HLCAS) held in September 2012 agreed on the need to be forward-looking in addressing threats to civil aviation, rather than rely solely on reactive measures. Concluding that innovative processes and technologies were required to craft a security regime that is effective, efficient, operationally viable and economically sustainable, they called on ICAO to convene its first-ever Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security (SIAS) in 2014. The event, which will feature an industry exhibition as well as several thematic panel sessions, is scheduled for 21-23 October at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada....more

          Mexico City Airport Embraces ‘Green’ Energy

VYCON, designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly energy storage flywheel systems, announced the purchase of three of VYCON’s kinetic energy storage flywheel systems by the Benito Juárez International Airport (AICM) in Mexico City. ...more

          UCAS, F-18 Tested Together On Carrier Deck

ABOARD THE USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT — The U.S. Navy executed its first-ever takeoff and landing of unmanned and manned aircraft in rapid succession on an aircraft carrier deck Aug. 17, putting the service one step closer to its goal of a mixed fleet of manned and unmanned aircraft in the coming years. ...more

          Icelandic Authorities Concerned About Volcanic Activity

Icelandic authorities have raised aviation alert levels to orange after seismic activity around one of the country’s volcanos was detected. ...more

          Autonomous Unmanned Air Transport Faces Challenges

Autonomous technology, in the air and on the ground, is certain to be required if aviation is to break out of its niche and become a ubiquitous mode of transport. Whether it is easy-to-fly personal air vehicles, optionally piloted air taxis or single-pilot commuter transports, aviation will have to go beyond automation to enable wider public use of aircraft. ...more

          Pre-purchase flight ends with crash

Aircraft: Socata TB 10. Injuries: 2 Fatal, 1 Serious. Location: Shirley, N.Y. Aircraft damage: Destroyed. ...more