The crew of a German airline had ordered soap for the lavatories to be replenished at their next stop. After arrival the soap did not show up however. In a lot of background noise the crew therefore inquired with the loadmaster about the soap: "Seife rufen!" (call for the soap!) The loadmaster nodded and disappeared, a short time later a maintenance vehicle showed up. The crew went to check what the matter was and who had called maintenance, when the engineer climbed the stairs and told the crew that indeed tyre #2 had lost pressure and both left main tyres needed to be replaced, leaving the crew completely stunned and puzzled with an according expression on their faces.

Engineer and crew went to look at the tyre, which appeared to be new, fully inflated and without any problem. The engineer showed the crew that tyre #2 indeed held only a fraction of the pressure required, the two wheels on that gear leg were quickly replaced and the aircraft could depart.

The crew concluded that what happened could only have been: the loadmaster understood instead of "Seife rufen" (call for the soap) "Reifen prüfen" (check the tyres) due to the background noise and reacted accordingly. The crew report closed: "But why should little mistakes always cause incidents and not occasionally prevent one?"