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piątek, 18 kwietnia
14. Pribina Cup
czwartek, 24 kwietnia
22. International Gliding Cup
środa, 23 kwietnia
Marrakech Aero Expo & Air Show 2014
piątek, 25 kwietnia
sobota, 26 kwietnia
Boshears Skyfest & Fly-in
sobota, 26 kwietnia
Fort Worth Air Power Expo 2014
sobota, 26 kwietnia
Tavares Seaplane Fly-in


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SAMOLOTY.PL is the nationwide general aviation industry portal. Built in 2007 by the merger of passion and years of experience in running a business. Our main aim is to provide reliable, timely and interesting information that will satisfy even the most "demanding" of aviation enthusiasts.

“Everything about flying” is our motto, which continue to consistently and intensively developing our website.

The intention for, was to be information - education and business general aviation service. According to that, from the very beginning we have put current information about flying schools and associations, comprehensive descriptions of aircraft models and aviation news. So, on our portal there is something for experience pilots, as well as some interesting news for people who takes his first steps in this industry.


Every informations we draw from the best and reliable sources: pilots, producer, airplane owner and the aircraft company. Recently our group of “informants” has grown by joining website’s users, so we also became a community portal. Day by day the number of our website has grown, that’s why with a view of them we create a forum, which has become a meeting place for fascinated aviation.

Our advantage is also a thriving and ever-growing shopping area. boasts a wide selection of entertainment - science, in which every aviation enthusiast will find something for themselves. We also have a wide range of aircraft equipment.

We do not intend to stop even for a moment. In the queue a new, fresh ideas are waiting for the implementation. We aim high. Priority objective is to promote the aviation sector esspecialy Air Shop , making a new business contact, raising another source of information. All of that for making the best and the more interesting portal in general aviation industry. EN




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